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Cantransceiverpca82c250chip Lighting Control System Solution And Short-Range Wireless Communication

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Summary:Open-loop control technology of light source products easily causes increase in power consumption and environmental pollution,This paper designed a new type of lighting control system,Overcoming relative decentralization,Management is chaotic,Disadvantages of traditional lighting control systems with low automation,While saving energy,Avoid unnecessary waste,Provide a more intelligent environment for people's production and life。PCA82C250T_416_20181206154900.JPG


At present, China's lighting electricity consumption accounts for20%-30%,The scene controllers and dimming products produced by Smart Lighting Electric Company basically use open-loop control,Turn on the light source and adjust the light output according to the area requirements,This makes it difficult to achieve the most reasonable illumination in the environment,Usually after adjusting an illumination level,No longer changes the illuminance based on the ambient light intensity。This unreasonable method of controlling the light source,Increased power consumption,Cause a lot of pollution。Wireless sensor network technology is one of the most influential technologies in this century,If wireless sensing technology is applied to lighting control systems,Not only will it greatly reduce costs,And save resources,Avoid unnecessary waste。

The lighting control system proposed in this paper mainly uses short-range wireless communication andCANBus technology,Applied to small ambient light source lighting control,Wireless communication base station。Wireless communication slave station and terminal node。This solution is suitable for small environment light source control,Overcoming low automation。Management is chaotic。Disadvantages of Controlling Relatively Decentralized Traditional Lighting Control Systems,Provide a smarter environment for people's lives。

2.Principle and technology

This research scheme is mainly applied to short-range wireless communication technology andCANBus technology。among them,Short-range wireless communication technology uses low-power short-range wireless communication technology,usenRF905RF transceiver chip。Wireless communication base stationSTC89C52withnRF905Wireless transceiver composition.STC89C52To change the control chip of the base station,Used to generate control signals,And react to the status returned by the slave,Ensure that the lighting source is working properly;nRF905Wireless transceiver is a base station signal transmitting device,bynRF905Complete the sending of control signals and the receiving of the light source status signal sent from the station。

2.1 Short-range wireless communication

With the continuous development of communication and information technology,Application of short-range wireless communication technology continues to accelerate,Increasingly mature。In a general sense,As long as the two sides of the communication send and receive information via radio waves and the transmission distance is limited to a short range(Tens of meters)Within,Short-range wireless communication。

The working frequency of short-range wireless communication technology isISMFrequency band,No license is required to use this frequency band,Usually only required to transmit no more than a certain power(Usually below1W),As long as it does not interfere with other frequency bands。Common short-range wireless communications are often used in the followingISMFrequency band:27MHzFrequency band;2.4GHzBand and315MHz;433MHzwith868MHzIsoband。

2.2 CANbus

CANBus is GermanBOSCHCompany from80A serial data communication protocol developed in the early years to solve the data exchange between many control and test instruments in modern automobiles,It is a multi-master bus,Communication medium can be twisted pair。Coaxial cable or optical fiber。Communication speed up to1MBPS.CANThe bus has a high communication rate。easy to accomplish。A field bus that has formed international standards and has many characteristics such as high cost performance,Is one of the most promising fieldbuses。

3.Optional components

The equipment used in this solution is mainlyPHILIPSSemiconductor productionPCA89C250transceiver.SJA1000Controller and NorwayNordicthe companynRF905Wireless transceiver。

PCA82C250YesCANController's physical interface,Its main role is:giveBUSProvide differential transmission signals,giveCANController provides differential acceptance signal。The chip uses5VDC power,PCA82C50Designed for automotive high-speed communication applications,meets theISO11898standard。

S J A 1 0 0 0Is aC A NIndependent controller,Usually used in the field of automation,Used to control area network control。

SJA1000And controllerBasic CANThe main difference is thatSJA1000providedPelicanNew working mode,In this mode,CANBus conforms to allCAN2.0Bprotocol。

NorwayNordicthe company'snRF905Chips are mainly used in small areas.nRF905Wireless data communication。Wireless alarm and security system。Wireless monitoring。Wireless unlock。Widely used in many fields such as home automation and toys。

4.System hardware

4.1 nRF905通讯模块nRF905与STC89C52单片机硬件接口如图1所示。


4.2 CAN控制收发器






5.1 CAN总线


5.2 无线数据


5.3 CAN总线数据发送CAN发送:


5.4 CAM总线数据接收CAN接收:


5.5 无线数据发送nRF905发送:


5.6 无线数据接收nRF905接收:

TRX_CE=1,TXEN=0,nRF905 处于接收状态;DR=1&&TRX_CE==1&&TXEN==0是否为1,判断是否有新数据传入且数据接收完成,TRX_CE=0进入Standby模式;CSN置低,SPI等待一条指令,R_RX_PAYLOAD=“00100100”,读RX有效数据,读操作从字节0开始;CSN置高;TRX_CE=1.

5.7 无线通信基站控制常规服务即无线通信基站工作包括:




1;波特率:9 6 0 0 b p s;数据位:8位;停止位:1位。



无线通信基站发送0X34到无线通信从站,从站接收信号后通过C A N总线发送至终端节点,终端节点接收并在数码管显示接收数据,并控制下面LED灯相应的暗灭,显示正常发送RXOK信号通过CAN总线传输至无线通信从站,从站将信号发送至基站,基站接收信号并将数码管置零,等待下一个发送信息。



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