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Electronic Marketmessystem Solution

Auth:亿配芯城 Date:2019/11/21 Source:www.yibeiic.com Visit:250 Related Key Words: 维库Electronic market network Shenzhen Electronic Market Network 电子市场网

There are many types of electronic market segments,Covers electronic devices and various related electronic components、Device、instrument、Instrument development and production。Electronic equipment mainly includes an electronic computer、Communication equipment and consumer electronic equipment, etc.,Electronic components mainly contain microelectronics、Integrated circuit board, etc.,Electronic instrumentation mainly includes precision measuring instruments、vehicle electronics、Sensor, etc.,In addition, the electronics market has deep and extensive cross-applications with other markets.,Aerospace、New energy market, etc.。

Shenzhen Electronic Market Network



TypicalSMTProduction business process as an example,The main business difficulties in the electronic market manufacturing business are as follows::

1、icThe production process involves many materials,Material category、Different characteristics,In achieving a complete person、machine、material、law、When the ring is traced back to the target,How to effectively ensure the batch information of the material to be traced is complete、accurate,Critical。

2、Sensitive electronic components for storage conditions、The time limit for use has strict requirements,Traditional electronic processing companies are mainly isolated through storage areas、Paper record、Controlling cards and other means,Unable to guarantee the correctness of the actual operation,At the same time in the materialFIFOThere are also process loopholes in the FIFO control.。

3、during production,The product needs to be verified in different processes in different processes.,And guarantee materials、device、Correct application of fixtures and corresponding test procedures,How to implement products through automation and software controlRecipemanagement,It is a problem that every electronic manufacturing company must solve on site.。

4、foricStatistical analysis and warning of quality data in product production process,How to control product quality in real time and accurately,Ensure product quality costs,At the same time, quality management of the product life cycle,From raw materials、The product is manufactured to the finished product,From supplier、Manufacturing workshop to customer,Form a complete product quality management system。

5、In the face of rapid changes in the market,Manufacturers need to ensure smooth production processes,There is no backlog in the product、Don't wait,And timely handle any production abnormalities of any station。

6、Mature electronics market,Automation equipment、The implementation of intelligent production units can be seen everywhere,Manufacturing companies need related equipment、Resource status、Real-time monitoring of parameters,Ensure the effective utilization of equipment and the rational application of resources。




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