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Single-Phase Motor Capacitance Measurement Method

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In a three-phase motor,The three-phase winding of the stator is distributed according to a certain regularity,Introducing a three-phase power frequency current through AC changes to generate a rotating magnetic field。

however,Single-phase motor power supply is single-phase。If no action is taken,Only a pulsating magnetic field can be generated in the stator,Cannot generate electromagnetic torque,Can't work either。

Smart people came up with the following solutions:First of all,Dividing the stator windings of the motor into two groups,And distribute according to certain rules;Second,Using a current hysteresis effect of a capacitor to split a single-phase power supply into two,One way lags another way90degree。therefore,Single-phase motor operates with two-phase current,But its external connection to a phase is still called a single phase.。The principle is as follows:

such,Single phase can also make the motor rotate,Because only one phase of electricity is needed,Single-phase motors are used in soymilk、washing machine、Electric fan、Refrigerator compressor, etc.。Single-phase motors are widely used in small agricultural machinery。

Ok,Let's go back to the topic。Capacitors for single-phase motors are usually attached to the motor,Its capacity should match the motor power。

Marked on the capacitor housing,mainlyCBB60type、Nominal capacity10uF、Rated voltage400v、Rated frequency50HzWait。

If single-phase motor cannot run,We must doubt whether the capacitor is damaged。at this time,It is necessary to detect the capacitance,This is what the object says.“measuring”。

Capacitors are usually shorted or open。We can see it with our eyes first.。If the appearance of the capacitor is convex and deformed,We can usually conclude that the capacitor is damaged.。

If the appearance is not abnormal,Then we have to use electronic instruments to detect it。The multimeter is enough。Recommended pointer meter。

We useX1KDetecting the quality of the capacitor with current blocking:The probe is connected to the two leads of the capacitor。After connecting the capacitor,The probe will quickly deflect to zero,Then gradually increase to stabilize at a larger resistance value。Then the probe and the lead are exchanged,This is another deflection process that returns to zero and then increases。at this time,Can judge that the capacitor is good。You can further measure the capacity deviation of the capacity file。If the pointer points0,Capacitor short circuit;Pointer pointing∑,Open capacitor。

CD60Model is the starting capacitor。Remove the capacitor。There are two red and black lines。Both ends must be exposed。With two hands,Holding the red line in one hand,The other hand holds the black line。Insert both ends simultaneously with both hands220Volt AC socket。Then quickly pull it out。Touch the black line head with a red thread。If you touch with a small spark“pa”Indicates good capacitor。in contrast,No response indicates capacitor damage。


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