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ATC Capacitance 多层陶瓷capacitance器(MLCC) ATC电容 800Bseries

ACTdesign,Develop,Development and service for RF,Microwave and millimeter multilayer ceramic capacitors(MLCC),Single-layer ceramic capacitor,Resistors and Custom Thin Film Products。
ATCThe application range of the product is mainly concentrated in wireless communication equipment,Optical fiber communication equipment,Medical electronics,Semiconductor manufacturing equipment,Military equipment,Aerospace and satellite communications equipment, etc.。50Over the years,ATCA series of high-quality component products and various customized thin film integrated packaging solutions,MakeATCbecome“Engineer's Choice”s brand

ATC capacitance, Multilayer ceramic capacitor,(MLCC) ,ATCcapacitance, 800Bseries,High-frequency capacitor,highQcapacitance ,RF capacitor ,Military capacitor

600S1R2BT250XT O603 ATC

600S200JT250XT O603 ATC

600S390FT250XT O603 ATC

800A0R3BW250XT O505 ATC

800A0R7CT250XT O505 ATC

800A0R8BT250XT O505 ATC

800A0R8CT250XT O505 ATC

800A1R0CT250XT O505 ATC

800A1R1CT250XT O505 ATC

800A1R2BT250XT O505 ATC

800A1R2CT250XT O505 ATC

800A1R3CT250XT O505 ATC

800A1R4CT250XT O505 ATC

800A2R0BT250XT O505 ATC

800A2R0BW250XT O505 ATC

800A2R0CT250XT O505 ATC

800A2R1CT250XT O505 ATC

800A2R2CT250XT O505 ATC

800A2R4CT250XT O505 ATC

800A2R7BT250XT O505 ATC

800A2R7CT250XT O505 ATC

800A3R0BT250XT O505 ATC

800A3R3CT250XT O505 ATC

800A3R9BT250XT O505 ATC

800A3R9BW250XT O505 ATC

800A3R9CT250XT O505 ATC

800A4R3CT250XT O505 ATC

800A4R7CT250XT O505 ATC

800A5R1CT250XT O505 ATC

800A5R6BT250XT O505 ATC

800A5R6CT250XT O505 ATC

800A6R8BT250XT O505 ATC

800A6R8CT250XT O505 ATC

800A6R8JTN250XT O505 ATC

800A8R2BT250XT O505 ATC

800A8R2CT250XT O505 ATC

800A8R2JT250XT O505 ATC

800A120FT250XT O505 ATC

800A120JT250XT O505 ATC

800A150JT250XT O505 ATC

800A160JT250XT O505 ATC

800A180JT250XT O505 ATC

800A200JT250XT O505 ATC

800A220JT250XT O505 ATC

800A270JT250XT O505 ATC

800A270JTN250XT O505 ATC

800A330JT250XT O505 ATC

800A390JT250XT O505 ATC

800A470JT250XT O505 ATC

800A680JT250XT O505 ATC

800A820JT250XT O505 ATC

800A101JT250XT O505 ATC

100B120FT500XT 3225 ATC

800B0R3BT500XT 3225 ATC

800B0R5BW500XT 3225 ATC

800B0R5BT500XT 3225 ATC

800B0R5CT500XT 3225 ATC

800B0R6CT500XT 3225 ATC

800B0R7BT500XT 3225 ATC

800B0R8AT500XT 3225 ATC

800B0R8BT500XT 3225 ATC

800B0R8CT500XT 3225 ATC

800B1R0BWN500XT 3225 ATC

800B1R0CT500XT 3225 ATC

800B1R2BT500XT 3225 ATC

800B1R5CT500XT 3225 ATC

800B1R7CT500XT 3225 ATC

800B1R7CT500X 3225 ATC

800B1R8BT500XT 3225 ATC

800B1R8CT500XT 3225 ATC

800B2R0CT500XT 3225 ATC

800B2R2CT500XT 3225 ATC

800B2R4CT500XT 3225 ATC

800B2R7CT500XT 3225 ATC

800B2R7CW500XT 3225 ATC

800B3R0CT500XT 3225 ATC

800B3R3CT500XT 3225 ATC

800B3R3CW500XT 3225 ATC

800B3R9BT500XT 3225 ATC

800B3R9CT500XT 3225 ATC

800B3R9DT500XT 3225 ATC

800B4R7CT500XT 3225 ATC

800B6R2CT500XT 3225 ATC

800B7R5CT500XT 3225 ATC

800B8R2CT500XT 3225 ATC

800B9R1CT500XT 3225 ATC

800B100JT500XT 3225 ATC

800B110JT500XT 3225 ATC

800B120JT500XT 3225 ATC

800B150GT500XT 3225 ATC

800B150JW500XT 3225 ATC

800B150JT500XT 3225 ATC

800B180JW500XT 3225 ATC

800B180JT500XT 3225 ATC

800B200GT500XT 3225 ATC

800B200JT500XT 3225 ATC

800B220JT500XT 3225 ATC

800B240JT500XT 3225 ATC

800B270JT500XT 3225 ATC

800B300JT500XT 3225 ATC

800B330JT500XT 3225 ATC

800B390FT500XT 3225 ATC

800B390JT500XT 3225 ATC

800B470JT500XT 3225 ATC

800B510JT500XT 3225 ATC

800B560JT500XT 3225 ATC

800B680JT500XT 3225 ATC

800B820JT500XT 3225 ATC

800B101JT500XT 3225 ATC

800B101JT500XT 3225 ATC

800B121JT300XT 3225 ATC

800B151JT300XT 3225 ATC

800B181JT300XT 3225 ATC

800B201JT300XT 3225 ATC

800B221JT200XT 3225 ATC

800B241JT200XT 3225 ATC

800B271JT200XT 3225 ATC

800B301JT200XT 3225 ATC

800B331JT200XT 3225 ATC

800B391JT200XT 3225 ATC

800B431JT200XT 3225 ATC

800B471JT200XT 3225 ATC

800B511JT100XT 3225 ATC

800B561JT100XT 3225 ATC

800B561KT100XT 3225 ATC

800B681KT50XT 3225 ATC

800B751JT50XT 3225 ATC

800B821KT50XT 3225 ATC

800B911JT50XT 3225 ATC

800B102KT50XT 3225 ATC

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