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Auth:亿配芯城 Date:2019/11/19 Source:www.yibeiic.com Visit:29 Related Key Words: Tiantong Jiaxing
日前,Zhejiang Development and Reform Commission issued a report on the establishment2019Notice of the Provincial Engineering Research Center,agree24个单位建立省级工程研究中心。其中,Tiantong Holdings Co., Ltd.“New Magnetic and Photoelectric Information Materials Engineering Research Center”And Tongkun Group Co., Ltd.“Functionally Differentiated Polyester Fiber Engineering Research Center”Shortlisted。

Provincial Engineering Research Center is a strong research and development force led by the provincial leadership、Comprehensive strength of research and development entities。It is by the university、Established by a research institution or enterprise,The aim is to improve the ability of independent innovation,Enhance the core competitiveness and sustainable development of the industry。So far,Jiaxing has won three provincial engineering research centers。In addition to two finalists,Jiali Electronics“Microwave Dielectric Ceramics and Applied Engineering Laboratory”Also available。

It is understood,Tiantong Holdings Co., Ltd.“New Magnetoelectric and Photoelectric Information Materials Engineering Research Center”Will establish domestic advanced industrial technology research and development and testing facilities,Forming advanced engineering research and development in the field of magnetoelectric and optoelectronic information materials、Design and test professional innovation team,Establish a long-term cooperation mechanism for production, education and research,Promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements and industrial production。 Become a diffusion base for scientific and technological achievements in our province and a shared base for providing engineering technology testing and consulting services.。

The company is the first listed company in China to be controlled by natural persons.。It is a national technology innovation demonstration enterprise and research、produce、Sales as one of the national high-tech enterprises。National Enterprise Technology Center、Provincial key laboratory、Research and development platforms such as provincial key enterprise research institutes。The company has a number of major scientific and technological achievements that require engineering development.,Have independent intellectual property rights and good market prospects,At the leading level in the province,Laid a solid foundation for the construction of provincial engineering research centers。

Tongkun Group Co., Ltd.“Functionally differentiated polyester fiber engineering research center”Mainly dedicated to Jiaxing's specialty products(Chemical fiber manufacturing)Technology、Service and product innovation。The center relies on Tongkun Enterprise Technology Center,Focusing on the common problems and frontier development areas that need to be broken in the development of chemical fiber industry,Develop key technologies and innovative products for polyester fiber,Realize the industrialization and engineering of technological achievements。achieve“More than 10 million production capacity、Recreating new Tongkun”Strategic goal is the core guarantee of the company。It is also an important factor for companies to gain a leading position in global competition.,Is an important support to promote enterprise innovation and development。

Relevant officials of the Municipal Development and Reform Commission said,The next step will be to urge all supporting units to speed up the construction of the Engineering Research Center in accordance with the construction plan.,Continuously improve management system and operational mechanism,Strengthen key common technologies,Accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements,Strive to improve the ability of independent innovation,Contribute to the promotion of industrial technology and core competitiveness in our city and even our province。

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