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Semiconductor Manufacturer's Annual Sales List Released

Auth:亿配芯城 Date:2019/11/19 Source:www.yibeiic.com Visit:58 Related Key Words: semiconductor IC MediaTek
11month18day,Integrated circuit insight(IC Insights)Given2019Global15Forecast list of major semiconductor manufacturers,Which includes6American supplier、3European suppliers and South Korea、Japan and Taiwan2Family。At this15In the company,Only Sony、TSMCSales with MediaTek increased。

Overall,According to estimates,2019Years ago15The total sales of large semiconductor companies will be2018Year down15%,Previously expected by the global semiconductor industry13%Low drop2Percentile。Samsung、SK HynixAnd the three major memory suppliers of Micron have appeared no less than29%Sliding,among themSK HynixIs before the ranking15Bit的半导体公司中降幅最大的,Sales have fallen this year38%。

IC insights are expected,versus2018Same year,All this year ago15The sales of the company will reach at least70One hundred million U.S. dollars。As shown below,15Only Sony in the company、TSMCAnd MediaTek in2019Year-on-year growth。Look at other companies,It is expected that sales of six semiconductors will drop by double digits this year.,Four major memory suppliers(Samsung、SK Hynix、Micron and Toshiba/Kioxia)、AvidaQualcomm。

Sony is2019The fastest growing company。Strong sales due to image sensors,Sony is expected to be the first from last year15Up to the first11位。According to a previous report by Ji Wei,Sony's image sensor business is expected to produce this year8900Billion yen income,This may make it the largest semiconductor company in Japan。

Intel Self1993Has been the semiconductor company with the highest annual sales since the year,But the company is2017Lost this leading position in the second quarter of the year。along with2017Strong growth in the memory market,三星的半导体总销售额ratio英特尔高7%,ratio2018Annual high12%。however,Total sales in the memory market are expected to decline this year.34%,So Intel is expected to become the largest semiconductor supplier again.,Sales are higher than Samsung26%。

before15Name includes a pure factory(TSMC)And four no-factory companies。in caseTSMCExcluded from the front15Outside the name,China-based Huawei Hays will rank in the first15name。The company’s sales this year are expected to be75One hundred million U.S. dollars,比2018Annual growth24%。

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