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Asmlmay Be Involved In The Scientific War Between China And The United States

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ASMLWill continue to strive to become the largest deep ultraviolet(DUV)Extreme ultraviolet(EUV)Lithography equipment supplier,And benefit from it。however,The road ahead is a bit rough。

ASMLSeems to have done his best,But there is a factor that could ruin the banquet。China and the United States are involved in a so-called“Technical war”。Although the United States imposes tariffs on Chinese imports in the trade war,But the trade war has caused more and more Chinese technology companies to be sanctioned by the US government.。

E.g,Huawei this year5Month is listed as an entity,This limits its ability to obtain supplies from US companies.。however,The United States is not as successful as Huawei’s expectations in its competition with Huawei.。Actually,Huawei reports,Despite being blacklisted,But its third quarter revenue has increased27%,Part of the reason is that Huawei can replace US semiconductor chips with Chinese-designed chips.。

however,All of these chip designs must be fabricated in a wafer factory equipped with a lithography machine.,ASMLLithography is the most commonly used。This opened up a path for the US government.。If the United States is not so successful in dealing with China,It may need to change the strategy,Trying to stop China making chips。

due toASMLAn important part of the United States,The United States can blockASMLDelivery of equipment to weaken the strength of Chinese technology companies。E.g,CymerProvides a light source in the United States。The light source is one of the most critical components in lithography and optical lenses。Refusing to use the Thermo Light source can be largely convincedASMLWorking with the US government。

2018The second half of the year and2019First half of the year,ASMLSales to China are8.49Billion euros and5.94Billion euro。China is one of the fastest growing markets for semiconductor devices。Restricting sales in China will hitASML。

In the long term,Inability to sell to China may have another impact。Well known,China is developing its own lithography equipment。E.g,China is2018Opened a lithography machine,Claiming an exposure to produce22Nanochip。If with other resolution enhancement techniques(Such as multiple graphics)In conjunction with,This machine can be used in manufacturing10Nano or7Nanochip。however,Due to the large number of mask layers required,Production process may cost too much,And not economically feasible。

The most unusual is,China claims to use one365Nano-wavelength source completes all these working machines。The machine puts itNUVWithin the spectral range,Near visible wavelength。In contrast,DUV通常Dependent on193Nano wavelength,andEUV依赖于13.5Nano wavelength

Theoretically speaking,Use longer wavelengths to reduce machine manufacturing and operating costs。EUVOne of the main obstacles is the ability to output13.5Very few light sources for nano-light,Must be kept in a vacuum。The disadvantage of this Chinese machine is that its current output is too low.,Cannot be used in fabs。however,Can solve the problem of increasing the number of wafers per hour。Actually,This is a key area mentioned by Chinese researchers.,他们打算在他们机器的更新版本中改进它。








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