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How To Calculateleddrive Powerrmsreal Rms

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Well knownLEDilluminationThe quality of production depends on two aspects.:one isLED chipChip light source;The other one isLEDDrive power。Currently available for high qualityLEDThe chip is mainly composed of several internationally renowned companies.PHILIP,OSRAMwithCREEA few manufacturers,Generally speakingLEDChips rarely present serious quality problems,Inferior quality on the market todayLEDA large part of the lighting product is on the drive power。GivenLEDThe importance of driving power,This article is mainly discussedLEDDrive powerMeasuringAnd some common techniques in measurement。

onLEDThe drive power measurement has the following essentialstestProject such as crest factor、Effective power、Reactive power、inspecting power、Power factor、Voltage/Current(RMSValid value、Uniform value)withTHDHarmonic parameters, etc.。In the process of measurement of practice,Many people find the test data they get on the test equipment and the power meter ormultimeterThe data obtained is quite different,This is more controversial than the performance of the voltage/Current rms、inspecting power、Power factor、RMSRMS war mean, etc.。Many customers responded that they used the electric parameter meter or the multimeter to test the voltage./power supply(RMSvalue)And less than or greater than the parameters obtained on the test power supply test equipment,Here is to clarify that all the data that appears on the drive tester isRMSReal effective value,Usually we talk about the uniform currentRMSUniform value,Uniform current is only available when the test is started and is during startupRMSUniform current,The data on the software is different from the instrument data.。At the same time, testing the drive power according to international specifications is to testRMSReal RMS;Testing the uniform value is meaningless。Driving the voltage appearing on the tester、Current and power,But voltage multiplying current is not power;The value obtained by directly multiplying the current by voltage is the apparent power.,The drive tester measures the active power。If only testing the uniform value,Then the test equipment has no meaning.,You can test the value with a simple multimeter。in accordance withIECspecification,Voltage true value(Urms)、Current true value(Irms)、Active power(P)、Power factor(PF)Calculated as follows:

In the above formulaNNumber of points sampled during the period(The period depends on the frequency of the signal being measured)And the value of a sampling time。This instrument provides2Calculating total harmonic distortion(THD)Approach,which isIECwithCSA,Separately:

How to calculateLEDDrive powerRMSReal RMS

In the above two formulas:

  THD:Relative value indicating total harmonic distortion of voltage or current
       C:Indicates the voltage or currentKSubharmonic effective value
       K:Harmonic number
       N:Maximum harmonic order(This instrument is50)
       C:Fundamental wave of voltage or current(which is1Subharmonic)Valid value。

During the practice test,In discriminant adoptionLEDConstant current drive output current is usedRMSReal value or even value to balance the power supply,There are two different sounds on the market.:Some are usedRMSValue stop discrimination,But some also use uniform value evaluation,This is mainly due toLEDConstant current drive output current ripple is large,And each drive power feature is different,Current output currentRMSThe mean value of war will vary greatly,However, if it is judged by the actual situation and the test specification request,Judging whether the drive power is good or badRMSReal RMS,This is the only norm。If only fromRMSMean to judge this seems a bit sloppy and does not represent the actual situation,We can refer to the uniform value but never as a trade-off。

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