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Shunt Capacitor And Series Capacitor

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Capacitors and resistors can also be connected in parallel and in series。

The capacitor consists of two conductors close to each other。The middle of the two conductors is the insulating medium。Two capacitor conductors can store charge。The larger the capacity of the capacitor,The more stored charge。Capacitors connected in parallel to increase capacity,And capacitors are connected in series to reduce capacity。

Capacitance parallel analysis

We can describe the capacitor as“Water tank”,But the water tank stores water,Capacitor storage charge。of course,If multiple capacitors are connected in parallel,Can store more charge。

The formula for calculating the parallel connection of capacitors is:C=C1+C2+。。+Cn,The total capacitance of the capacitor is equal to the sum of all shunt capacitors,Withstand voltage unchanged。

Capacitor series analysis

After the capacitors are connected in series,The total capacity is getting smaller,Its calculation formula is:1/C=1/C1+1/C2+…+1/Cn。

The total withstand voltage is equal to the sum of the withstand voltages of each series capacitor。

In actual circuit design,We rarely use series capacitors,But often use parallel capacitors!sometimes,If the capacity of a single capacitor is not enough,Will add a capacitor。


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