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Thick Sound Full Series Of Resistance Specifications

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 Thick Voice Group in Taiwan、Kunshan、Xiamen、Shenzhen and Southeast Asia(Thailand)And other countries and regions have a sound R & D team、Manufacturing plants and sales teams and marketing service networks around the world。


      The group has four famous brands:ROYALOHM、UNIOHM、FOSS、AEON,Has become the first choice for customers in the global industry,And an important supplier and preferred partner trusted by the passive components industry。


      Housheng Group has successively obtained a number of international system certifications.:ISO9001、ISO14001、TL9000、TS16949and many more,Products are widely used in global microelectronics、computer、Photovoltaic、new energy、Many emerging and high-tech fields such as automotive and military。


      With the continuous development of the global economy、Replacement of modern technology,Especially the ever-changing application innovation in the electronics field,Housheng Group always has cutting-edge technology、Outstanding products and leading solutions,Provide a full range of products and services to well-known companies in many industries around the world。 
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