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ASML:The Demand For Logic Chips Continues To Be Strong2020year Memory Is Weakly Recovering

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Semiconductor chip device manufacturerASML CEODay before,Given the global semiconductor market,Demand for high-end logic chips is still very strong,But the memory market is relatively weak。however,Even so,The memory market has begun to recover gradually。

ASMLCEO Peter·Winnick(Peter Wennink)In an interview with the media at the Morgan Stanley European Technology Conference,,The market demand for logic chips is very strong.,And will continue until2020year。This situation will not disappear,But the current memory market is relatively weak.。however,Overall,The memory market is gradually recovering。In the medium term,Overall performance is“positive”。

ASMLCurrently the only one in the worldEUVAnd UV lithography machine manufacturers。The device is used to produce advanced semiconductor chips。It is also currently Samsung、TSMCAnd suppliers of three advanced semiconductor process manufacturers such as Intel。

2019Third quarter of the year,ASMLReported net sales as30Billion euro,Net income is6.27Billion euro,2019The third quarter gross margin is43.7%。In addition,According to estimates,2019Net sales in the fourth quarter of the year will fall to approximately39Billion euro,Growing than the third quarter30%,Gross profit margin is approximately48%至49%。

此外,彼得·温尼克(Peter Wennink)还表示,2019年第三季度,除了完成7套EUV系统的发货,每套价值1.3亿欧元外,他还收到了23份EUV系统订单,这不仅创下了ASML单季最高订单量的纪录,也证实了逻辑和内存芯片客户正在积极将EUV系统引入芯片批量生产。

彼得·温尼克(Peter Wennink)还预测,除了2019年将发运的总共30台EUV设备之外,预计2020年将交付35台EUV设备,他将能够在2021年将交付的EUV设备数量增加到45-50台,以满足市场需求。

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