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Quanta Exitapple Watchassembly Business The Opportunity For Mainland Foundries Is Coming?

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“Isn't Apple good for light??Still becoming an Apple supplier is not popular?”

11month15Japanese electricity-Abandoning the news of the Apple Watch contract manufacturing business for the widely circulated light in the market,Everbright Chairman Lin Baili officially stood up and said to the outside world:“Make money,Do everything else。Making money is the most important thing。If some products are too labor intensive,It doesn't make sense to continue doing this.。”Although Lin Baili does not have a straightforward quantum, this will quit the contract manufacturing business of Apple Watch.,But it is nearing the end。after all,Its meaning is already obvious。

Although in terms of income,Apple Watch Contract Manufacturing is one of the three main operating pillars of Quanta Computer。Although the relevant income has not been announced,But the market generally believes,Quanta’s revenue from the manufacture of Apple Watch contracts may reach hundreds of billions(New Taiwan dollar)。Once Quanta withdraws from the business,This will mean it2019Total annual income will drop significantly。however,According to the current attitude of Quanta Computer,It seems that I am determined to cut off this business.。Although quantum will experience some pain,But in the long run,It will have more freedom in the original equipment manufacturer business in the wearable market。

Everbright“Big throw”!Is the opportunity for the mainland factory coming??

After the Quanta computer was cut off,A large number of Apple Watch orders will naturally flow into the hands of competitors。Previous,Taiwan《Electronic times》Citing the words of the industry,Compal Electronics and Foxconn's two foundries have already acquired2020Series of Apple Watch orders,Li Xun Precision, the main foundry manufacturer in mainland China(LeifastPrecision)It is said that it is focusing on assembling old Apple watches.。

Although it is an old Apple Watch,But for mainland contract manufacturers represented by Li Shun Precision,This is another big step forward。after all,From the perspective of overall competitiveness,Taiwan's generational factory has too much experience and excellent technical strength in the OEM production of Apple products.,This is a short-term failure that mainland manufacturers can catch.。however,on the other hand,Apple is willing to hand over the contract manufacturing of Apple Watch to the mainland contract manufacturer Li Xun Precision is also recognized for the overall strength of mainland enterprises,This is of great benefit to the long-term development of the mainland contract manufacturing industry.。

of course,This is also due to the hard power of Li Xun's precision.。after all,In recent years,Li Xun Precision has a closer relationship with Apple。at first,It began to supply spare parts,FromAirPodsOriginal equipment manufacturer of headphones(OEM)Made a lot of money there,last year,It announced that it has wonHomePodSmart speaker order,This time it was named as an opportunity for original equipment manufacturer Apple Watch。All of this shows,Its finished assembly business is getting bigger and bigger。

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